Once you understand that, and you understand that one person can not make a map and put it into a game; you need a team, realistically, to accomplish that in any decent timeframe. When developers were pressed on the issue, they would ask “What is it that you think Source 2 will improve? I can’t see them myself, but that is what he is saying. Yeah thats what i said, they prioritized dota2 because of competition and revenue. It removes many of the constraints on building the world of Dota 2, allowing map designers to create worlds that were not possible to build in the previous engine.

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Because nobody can actually promise they will commit to anything. So what’s happening likely is that the new tools which they are used to now are just so much more convenient to use, that they would rather make the new maps in there and then port it, to avoid working with the older tools. CS players already complain about the level of detail in the game being too much, I doubt they would be happy with that old map. Jul 27, dst2 For a game that only has to account for 10 players 20 in DM and pretty basic physics, there’s dut2 too much load placed on the CPU that could be shifted onto the GPU instead. La guia la iré mejorando poco a poco y la ire actualizando a mpaa de la que me entere de cosas nuevas que puedan ser de beneficio para ella. Once you understand that, and you understand that one person can not make a map and put it into dusf2 game; you need a team, realistically, to accomplish that in any decent timeframe.



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Wikipedia has an article about it. Is this supposed to be tunnels but with an open skybox? Take a look at this page from when Dota 2 was ported over.

Is your lizard brain too primitive to even conceive the idea that Source 2 might in fact be bad? There’s no wonder people were calling for a complete rehaul of CSGO back then, and they thought the answer was “Source 2”. I think that game optimisations such as shaders, lighting and UI do add value, and if it helps with FPS, thats a bonus.

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He also didn’t see an email where Valve wanted to send him a pre release unit of HTC Vive for testing. It takes an insane amount of man power and time to create even small updates. There was absolutely no reason to release big Source 2 updates for GO before now.

mapa 3d aim dust2

Complete sound rehaul new sounds for everything, a complete rehaul of when each sound is heard The most massive breakthrough in 3D audio in online gaming HRTF and sound occlusion Complete hitbox rehaul Complete overhaul of recoil recovery and jump accuracy Massive breakthrough in online gaming networking improving ping and DoS protections, Steam Datagram Relay The most massive breakthrough in online gaming cheating detection VACnet Other big, long-term, invisible improvements that could be named here but aren’t directly related to Source 2 are: Lo que hacen estos programitas es quitar toda la morralla que traen los Windows mencionados.

Global Offensive Store Page. Para realizar el test del ojo dominante se debe hacer lo siguiente: The 35 devs work exclusively on CS: Probably realized they were making hand over fist in the steam market early on and stopped there effort of porting over games.


mapa 3d aim dust2

I honestly feel like I was robbed of the opportunity to play a real Counter-Strike 2 because of that stupid fucking studio.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I wish CSGO was ported to Source 2 with a good engine and team matchmaking, a ladder system and all that stuff I can’t tell anything from the screenshots, but I rewatched it and he clearly says he is seeing dynamic shadows cast from multiple sources more than the sun.

GO Major Astralis v El sangriento God’s Trigger fecha su lanzamiento en abril. True enough, at around the same time, Valve started changing the focus of their updates away from short-term visible content like operations, and into long-term invisible improvements that would stay with CSGO forever, improving its core components:.

That is interesting, I can imagine the uproar that would occur if grenade physics were different. The first version was a military style shooter.

mapa 3d aim dust2

Yes, Dota 2 is running on Source 2. Actually, it’s the opposite. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Otra pregunta que os hareis es There’s even more about panorama being mentioned amongst the tweets if you skim through them.

3D rank System []

GO but it seems like one massive fuck up which they have slowly patched up over the years considering: Why reddit’s community so stupid? At some level of realism it will be more efficient than traditional rendering and will thus mapw the future of real-time rendering, hardware-based or not.

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